18 Oct

A Short Introduction

Hi Everybody!! This is Jean from jeanandphyl! Releasing a short introduction about ourselves.

Writing was never my forte, but i will try my best! We have been nagging about writing a blog but we didn’t have the time to start. Or rather, we didn’t have the courage to start. As writing was never OUR forte. However, we really need to break the discomfort…

“The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started” ~ Mark Twain

Phyl and I are about UK size 16-18. We always complaint about how tough it is, to find pocket friendly clothing that flatter us. Hence, we started to plan early this year.. online boutique! Phyl has more then a decade of experience in the fashion industry. She has good understanding about types of fabric, cutting, etc. Me… I just love to shop online. LOL!

With much planning, we flew to source. It was with great excitement! We just ditch our families and went on with our girls’ trip. We learnt more along the way and we ‘make to order’ some of our pieces. So, you probably won’t see our clothes elsewhere!

When the stocks arrived, we were really overwhelm with the packing. Luckily, we have lovelies around us  whom came to show support. By helping us till wee hours.

Next came the photo shoot. It was a tiring process. This really put us down. We had several attempts but we couldn’t get it right. We spent a lot of time working on this. Right now, the first collection is up. We are looking at better shoots for our next collection but the Haze is really challenging us. But.. We can do it!!

Lastly, its the website! We really thank our web designer Eric, whom is very patience with us and trying his best to accommodate our timing for meeting. Good service. Highly recommended!

Not an easy process. But we are determined to make it happen.  Big hugs to all whom gave us tips and support along the way! Not to forget our lovely customers!




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