04 May

My Review on Laetius Restoration Gel I

I had a bad scratch on my leg. Roar! It bled a bit. Its Painful! I frantically applied the gel and felt stinging sensation. Me has forgotten that the gel should not be use on raw wound. So i waited a day or so for the wound to close up before applying the gel.

And… Tada!

laetius testimonial

See how it helps to reduce the swelling, redness and scarring. I applied 2 times a day after shower. All are well now.


27 Oct

Laetius Singapore

Hasn’t been updating for awhile as we are busy with … Laetius Skin Care!

Maybe you are puzzled. Aren’t you guys sells clothing only? Well, at jeanandphyl, expect plus size boutique And More.


Laetius (adj. Latin) – happy, joyful

LAETIUS was founded by a group of researchers in California dedicated to improving skincare ingredients and formulations for all skin types. After years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our team focused their efforts to research something different: skincare.

Providing meaningful skincare products means fully understanding ingredients. An initial survey of products on the market yielded a long list of chemicals that had very little positive effects on the skin. Our team decided that eliminating unnecessary fragrances and irritating ingredients was essential for developing effective skincare products.  Since then, our team has been hard at work creating new products for our skincare lines.

We are inspired by the stories of our clients, from their struggles with acne to their success with natural ingredients. We strive to discover new formulations with proven results. We are committed to safe, effective skincare.

The science of skincare is our forte; creating innovative skincare products is our specialty.

Welcome to LAETIUS.

We gonna introduce.. Mild Restoration Gel by Laetius.

NOUVÉ Mild Restoration Gel

This gel is specifically formulated to soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of skin imperfections that may occur from acne and other external factors. Featured ingredients include Chamomile and White Tea flower extracts, both natural antioxidants that protect the skin from premature signs of aging and counter irritation. This product is gentle enough for all skin types.

laetius 4

poster_from_postermywall laetius



Product is so mild, that its suitable for babies too.


Packaging Details:



Our Testing:

At jeanandphyl, you will receive honest information. Before we introduce a product, we need to test on ourselves first.

Phyl has extremely sensitive skin. So much that she couldn’t use off the shelf product. Outbreak or redness is a common reaction on her face when she uses such products or comes in contact with dirt/dust. Due to the low threshold, it puts a limit on what she could use.

She was introduced to this product by chance. It was extremely mild and soothing. It didn’t create an adverse reaction to her face. The soft gel formula gives off a cooling sensation when applied. She could see results in a week.

laetius testimonial1

On the first note, the redness was reduced significantly (combats irritation). The pigmentation was reduced as well, which came as a bonus. Due to the environment of her job, her bare face was exposed to much dirt and dust daily. This is definitely a saver & keeper!

I’ll share my feedback another day. Till then, shop away with us!

“Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated” ~ Anonymous


18 Oct

A Short Introduction

Hi Everybody!! This is Jean from jeanandphyl! Releasing a short introduction about ourselves.

Writing was never my forte, but i will try my best! We have been nagging about writing a blog but we didn’t have the time to start. Or rather, we didn’t have the courage to start. As writing was never OUR forte. However, we really need to break the discomfort…

“The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started” ~ Mark Twain

Phyl and I are about UK size 16-18. We always complaint about how tough it is, to find pocket friendly clothing that flatter us. Hence, we started to plan early this year.. online boutique! Phyl has more then a decade of experience in the fashion industry. She has good understanding about types of fabric, cutting, etc. Me… I just love to shop online. LOL!

With much planning, we flew to source. It was with great excitement! We just ditch our families and went on with our girls’ trip. We learnt more along the way and we ‘make to order’ some of our pieces. So, you probably won’t see our clothes elsewhere!

When the stocks arrived, we were really overwhelm with the packing. Luckily, we have lovelies around us  whom came to show support. By helping us till wee hours.

Next came the photo shoot. It was a tiring process. This really put us down. We had several attempts but we couldn’t get it right. We spent a lot of time working on this. Right now, the first collection is up. We are looking at better shoots for our next collection but the Haze is really challenging us. But.. We can do it!!

Lastly, its the website! We really thank our web designer Eric, whom is very patience with us and trying his best to accommodate our timing for meeting. Good service. Highly recommended!

Not an easy process. But we are determined to make it happen.  Big hugs to all whom gave us tips and support along the way! Not to forget our lovely customers!




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